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8350 Clear Non-Tautening Butyrate is the recommended second product applied to fabric in sequence over the nitrate dope coats in the Ceconite/Randolph process. Nitrate dope is used only for the initial coats on Ceconite; butyrate is used for all others. Clear butyrate is used as a build coat to add thickness and body to the dope film while retaining flexibility. 8350 Clear Butyrate is tinted transparent tan to help see the product as it is applied.

Packaging: Quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums.


One thinned gallon will cover 200 square feet with one coat. See material estimates section in the rear of the Ceconite Procedure Manual 101 for an estimate for a specific aircraft.

Thinning: Thin to spray viscosity with 9703 Butyrate Thinner, usually one to one.


For best results, apply with a spray gun. Allow each coat to dry before spraying another. Do not rush coats, dopes work best when ample drying time is allowed between coats. As a rule of thumb, two coats a day is a good spraying rate. In cold or humid weather, slow down application time, use Y-9910 Blush Retarder, or wait for better weather. Applying multiple thick coats in a hurry can cause film splitting or wrinkling. Wet sand the last coat with 320 wet or dry paper.

Dry Time: 5 to 45 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.

Shelf Life: Two years unopened.