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Non-Tautening Colored Butyrate Dope is the final color coat applied over fabric in the Ceconite/Randolph system. Randolph Colored Butyrate Dope is FAA approved as topcoat paint used over Ceconite. The only other FAA approved choice for use on Ceconite fabric is our Ranthane polyurethane; no other topcoat may be used under the Ceconite STC. Both colored butyrate dope and Ranthane are available in 50 standard colors that represent the most popular classic colors from the vintage years of aviation. These colors are available in any quantity from Randolph distributors; they are produced on tinting machines to a standard formula in each distributor’s facility. Colored butyrate dopes produced on a tinting machine match the samples on the 2004 Randolph color card but may not be exact matches for colors made in batches in past years at the old Randolph facility. Additionally, dopes age over time and thus change color no matter how well protected the aircraft is in storage. When repairing dope finishes, hold a 2004 Randolph color card up to the existing finish to check for the best color match. Do not rely on color names or numbers alone; the color card is the only way to determine a match with paints produced today from tinting machines. The Ceconite/Randolph system with colored butyrate dope topcoat has the advantage of ease of repair and the ability to be rejuvenated to increase service life.


One gallon and one quart cans only. Since all colors are produced on tinting machines, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums are not available.


One thinned gallon covers approximately 200 square feet with one coat. NOTE:  Yellow and red are translucent colors. For best coverage and hide, use white dope as a pre-coating. See estimates in the Ceconite Procedure Manual 101 for specific aircraft quantities.

Mixing: Thin to spray viscosity, usually one-to-one with 9703 Butyrate Thinner.


For best results, apply with a spray gun. Three coats are usually sufficient for hide and color, although yellows and reds may require more. If you plan to polish or sand the colored dope, apply at least four coats. Wait at least an hour between coats; more is better. Never rush application. As a rule of thumb, two coats of dope a day is about right. Avoid spraying in cold or humid weather. If necessary, wet sand between coats with 400-grit sandpaper. Insure all sanding residue is cleaned before additional coats are sprayed. To increase glossiness, use Y-9910 Universal Retarder. Mix one part Y-9910 Retarder with four parts 9703 Butyrate Thinner, then thin the colored butyrate one-to-one with this mixture. Wait at least 24 hours before applying masking tape for trim colors; more is better. Dope can be polished out to a brilliant gloss with a variable speed automotive polisher equipped with a foam pad. Use polishing compound and follow with a quality carnauba-based automotive paste wax.

Dry Time: 

20 to 45 minutes depending on temperature and humidity. Y-9910 Universal Retarder will double normal drying times.

Shelf Life: 

Two years unopened. Insure all residue is scraped off the bottom of cans in long storage. Shake with a double-action paint sprayer.