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G-6303 Rand-O-Fill is the third product applied in sequence over fabric in the Ceconite/Randolph system. It is a pre-mixed silver butyrate dope that primarily provides UV protection for fabric. Four cross coats (one cross coat is two coats sprayed perpendicular) are usually sufficient to provide lasting UV protection. Fewer coats will provide less protection and will markedly shorten the service life of the fabric.

Packaging: Quarts, Gallons, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums.


One thinned gallon covers approximately 200 square feet with one coat. See the material estimates section in the rear of the Ceconite Procedure Manual 101 for the amount suggested for specific aircraft.


Stir thoroughly with a paint paddle before using; insure all the silver is bladed from the bottom of the can. Then put the can on a double action paint shaker for at least five minutes to insure all the silver is in suspension.

Thinning: Thin to spray viscosity with 9703 Butyrate Thinner, usually one to one.


Rand-O-Fill must be sprayed in even coats to insure proper UV protection for fabric. Four cross coats are usually sufficient (two coats sprayed perpendicular).

Do not rush coats; dopes work best when ample drying time is allowed between coats. As a rule of thumb, two cross coats a day is a good spraying rate. In cool or humid weather slow down application time, use Y-9910 Universal Retarder, or wait for better weather. Wet sand as necessary between coats with 320-grit sandpaper. Insure all sanding residue is washed off to insure proper adhesion of subsequent coats.

Dry Time: 15 to 45 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.

Shelf Life: Two years unopened.