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The toughest, most flexible and best adhering liner for fuel tank repairs. Seals small leaks and prevents rust in metal tanks. In use on over 1.5 million vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and airplanes.

  • Red-Kote® has been extensively and successfully tested with E85 (85% ethanol).
  • STAYS FLEXIBLE – Will never crack or peel off.
  • ALCOHOL RESISTANT – No expensive come-backs.
  • BRIGHT COLOUR – You can see results.
  • COVERS RUST – Seals old rust in and prevents future rusting.
  • SEALS LEAKS – Gets the multitude of pin-holes you can’t find.
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF – FTRS does not apply Red-Kote® or Red-Kote® Dry to your fuel tank. It is a do-it-yourself application.


Some of the specific advantages of Red-Kote® are as follows:

  1. The coating is very flexible and does not crack as do some of the others. This gives the repair a much longer life. Tanks coated in 1984 are still doing well.
  2. The polymer was specifically chosen because of its tight adhering qualities. In comparison to some other coatings, Red-Kote® does not peel off even when the metal is bent. This protects against loosening of the coating by vibration or denting of the tank.
  3. Red-Kote® is resistant to methanol. In fuels with a high percentage of methanol the coating is bleached, but remains tightly bonded to the metal. Some petrol tank liners are dissolved by methanol into sticky lumps and strings that plug the fuel line. This will not happen with Red-Kote®.
  4. Red-Kote® dries faster than many other sealers saving you time. You can reduce time further by thinning with acetone and using two thin coats instead of one thick coat.
  5. Red-Kote® levels very well. You will not get a wide variation in thickness as with some other coatings.
  6. Red-Kote® is thicker and usually requires only one coat as opposed to two coats for many other coatings. Holes up to 2mm may be coated and sealed safely. Rust is sealed in so that it cannot flake off.
  7. The bright red color is easily visible – you can be sure you didn’t miss a spot. Some coatings are almost invisible. The new dye does not leach into gasoline (turning it pink) when the vehicle is not used for long periods of time.