PPL/CPL Operations, Performance and Planning


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  • Valid for PPL or CPL studies under Australian CASA syllabus.
  • Choose from a range of 6 subjects. One book available for each subject. (eg: “Aerodynamics”).
  • Check your knowledge retention in graduated steps.
  • 100’s of multi-choice quiz questions neatly aligned with chapters in Aviation Theory Centre (ATC) PPL/CPL training manuals.
  • Questions check your knowledge at every step.
  • Represent CASA exam requirements very well.
  • Multiple attempts per quiz/long access period.
  • Automatic online marking and KDR through Avfacts “Exams-Online” system.
  • A step by step worked answer file for questions requiring calculation is displayed.
  • Your own personal access code supplied.
  • Study at home at your own speed.
  • The very best preparation prior to CASA exam.
  • References to VFR (day) work booklet as in CASA exam (to be supplied by purchaser).
  • The style of question you can expect in the real exams.

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