Pilot PA51


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Introduced in 1991, this model quickly became one of our best selling headsets. Proven reliability and affordability has made it the choice of fleets and flight schools around the world. A “no frills” dependable performer.


* Air-Foam headpad
* PA 5 noise cancelling electret mic
* Military style metal ball-joint swivel microphone boom
* Adjustable volume control
* Liquid ear seals standard
* Chrome PJ-055 / PJ-068 plugs
* Wired in parallel for reliability
* Vibration-proof circuitboard
* Triple-plated chrome hardware
* Stereo (P-51S) / Helicopter (P-56)
* Two-Year Unconditional Warranty

Weight: 14.4 ounces (408 grams)

FREE Headset case included

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