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New Super Seam is an improvement of the original Ceconite Super Seam Cement. This new formulation is clear, vinyl-based cement that may be over coated with all Randolph dopes with no incompatibilities.  New Super Seam has twice the peel strength of the original nitrate-based Super Seam or Rand-O-Bond.  The �New� on the can differentiates New Super Seam from the original.


New Super Seam is a vinyl-based cement that should not be added to nitrate dope to enhance dope adhesion.  In the past, some people erroneously added nitrate cements, like Rand-O-Bond or Super Seam, to nitrate dope to help tape adhesion.  In fact, while this seemed to help in applying tapes, the high-solids mixture that resulted from this unwise addition actually promoted tape delamination during service life.  In any case, DO NOT add New Super Seam to nitrate dope for any reason.

Packaging: Gallons, quarts.


Use directly out of the can with no mixing.  If the cement thickens or begins to dry in use, add MEK to bring it back to original viscosity.


Apply with a one-inch brush directly to the surface.  Lay the fabric directly into the wet cement and force the cement through the weave with protected fingers or a squeegee.  Cement only 12 to 18 inches at a time to prevent the cement from drying.   Cement directly to epoxy-primed metal, epoxy-varnished wood, or epoxy-primed composite surfaces.

Normal Shelf life:

Generally two years unopened.  Heat over 100 degrees F. can damage the cement.  If the cement has been exposed to heat in storage, it will turn whiskey colored; do not use cement unless it is perfectly clear.