ATPL Navigation – Part 2


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The partner to ATPL Navigation Part 1, this book covers the balance of the CASA Navigation syllabus. Topics are:

  • Radio Fundamentals
  • Magnetic Heading Reference Systems
  • ADF
  • DME
  • ILS
  • Concept of Track Miles
  • Inertial Navigation Systems (INS/IRS)
  • GPS
  • HF Radio Systems
  • Ground Radar Systems
  • Weather Radar Systems
  • Charts, and Great Circle Navigation
  • Compass
  • Time Calculations

A must for anyone focussing on the CASA ATPL Navigation examination, or those pilots wishing to upgrade their knowledge for airline interviews. Lot’s of diagrams, and every topic explained simply, in a way that Rob Avery is renowned for. If you are not using this book, you are working way too hard, and paying too much.

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