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ORION600 Series of FAA/TSO approved LED aviation lighting. Incorporating the latest state of the art LED Technology available in an all-inclusive package, the ORION600 series eliminates the need for external flasher boxes. Flush mountable for a wide variety of applications with minimal integration and easily retrofitable to the Whelen legacy strobe products. The ORION600 series is quite simply the brightest form of LED Anti-collision and Position lighting available.

Model ORION600 Position/Anti-Collision Lighthead All LED self-contained wingtip mounted Position/Anti-Collision system. Eliminates the need for external power supplies and reduces current draw and provides thousands of hours of operation.

FAA TSO-C96c Class II / TSO-C30c Type II & III


  • Fully FAA/TSO-C96a & TSO-C30c approved
  • FAR SPEC Certified
  • Replaceable hard coated polycarbonate lens to maintain maximum light output
  • No RF emissions
  • Aerodynamic design without sacrificing light output
  • Exceeds FAA minimum intensity requirements for maximum visibility and increased safety of flight
  • Environmentally tested and certified to RTCA/DO-160G standards


  • Weight 0.4 lbs.(181gm)
  • Dimensions H x W x L 2.04” (52mm) x 1.78” (45mm) x 5.65” (144mm)
  • Volts 12 VDC
  • Position LED color Aviation Green
  • Anti-Collision LED color Aviation White
  • Lenses Clear Polycarbonate Hardcoat, Field Replaceable