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This is an additional exam book to compliment the long standing “General ATPL Exam Book”.
Invaluable reading prior to sitting the CASA ATPL examination. Contents:
2 x Flight Planning (B727)
2 x Navigation
2 x Performance & Loading
2 x Aerodynamics & Aircraft Systems

This is an additional exam book to compliment the long standing “General ATPL Exam Book”, product code Av5. The eight practice examinations are completely different from those in code Av5, and the Cyba-exams via CD-ROM.

There is no duplication. The ATPL exam subjects covered in this new exam book are Navigation, Flight Planning, Performance and Loading, and Aerodynamics and Systems. These four are generally regarded as the most challenging of the ATPL examinations, and so this book is a must for those about to sit the CASA exams in these subjects.


Purchasers use the paper exams to find/record their answers, then go online using your unique access codes to get your examination paper marked automatically by the Avfacts cyba-exam system. Percentage marks will be displayed quickly, along with the correct answer, and incorrect responses.
Internet access is required for marking to occur. You are then given an option of down-loading to a computer screen, the working for any calculation style questions. This file is in Acrobat PDF format.


Purchasers simply fill in an online registration form accessible from the book. Registered purchasers will automatically be sent a new access ID and a password by return email, to use from then on, to enter the online marking for each examination. Each book can only be registered once, and to one owner.


Purchasers receive 3 marking credits for each examination. Access to the online marking facility lasts for up to 12 months from the day the book is registered, not the day it was purchased it. Just sign on when you are ready to go. Access is provided for the initial purchaser only, and one computer IP code only is allowed by the cyba-exam security system. Note: Instructor help is NOT provided.

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